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Selection of Part Worn tyres

Part Worn


  • 4xgoodyear580x70R38

    2xPirelli 520/70R38

    Goodyear 540/65R30

    Goodyear 460/85R38

    Michellin 540/65R30

    2x Pirelli 520/70R34

    1x Vredestein 500\50R17

    1x Vredestein 650/50R22.5

    2x Goodyear 33.1-30 dual tyres and rims

    2x Michellin 650/65R42 

    2x Pirelli 520/70R38

    2x Pirelli 480/70R38

    2x Pirelli 580/70R38

    2x Michellin 520/85R42

    2x Michellin 520/85R38

    2x Pirelli 20.8R38

    2x Firestone 16.9R24

    2x Goodyear 540/65R28

    2x Trelleberg 480/70R34


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